Online Prayer


As part of our daily rhythm of life, a regular element of prayer is vital not only for our own individual spiritual welfare, but also as an online moment of us coming together to pray as a community in different places.

There are effectively eleven different forms of prayer that you can participate in so far:

Of the Body (Orthopathy)

1. The Welcoming Prayer
2. Centering Prayer
3. Centering Prayer with Lectio Divina reflecting on the Lord’s Prayer
4. The Lord’s Prayer Body Prayer
5. The Morning Anxiety Breath Prayer
6. The Evening Anxiety Breath Prayer

Of the Heart (Orthopraxis)

5. Waking Wellbeing Prayer
6. End of Day Wellbeing Prayer
7. Ignatian Contemplation on God’s Love

Of the Mind (Orthodoxy)

8. The Examen
9. Morning Prayer Daily Office
10. Evening Prayer Daily Office
11. Prayer during the day