Spaces of Belonging


In the wellspring community there are different spiritual spaces on one spiritual path...

Inspired by Franciscan, Ignatian and Benedictine spirituality and practice, we recognise five different spaces of belonging that relate to stages of faith and our central charisms and seasonal vow.

Associates - those who live at a distance from the community, who support the community in prayer and financial support, and attend events when able. In exchange for signing up to an annual fee, Associates receive a prayer book and news letters, and are invited to recommit every year, and when possible to visit the community as part of the Society of the Holy Trinity. To become an Associate click here.

Aspirants - those who are spiritually journeying who would like a deeper association with the Wellspring Community but do not consider themselves followers of Jesus or ‘Christian’.  A relationship to the community gives an opportunity to live to some of the charisms of the community, but are not yet ready to commit to being a follower of Jesus Christ. Aspirants are expected to affirm aspirations at the annual ROL Service. 

Participants - those who are committing to following Jesus Christ but not yet ready to commit to the seasonal vows because of pressures of work or other issues that prevent regular weekly participation in the worship, mission and community life of the community.  Participants are expected to tithe to the community on a monthly basis.  Participants are expected to affirm certain promises at the annual ROL Service. 

Professed - those who have made a commitment to the seasonal vows and participate regularly in the weekly rhythm of prayer, community and service.

The annual Rhythm of Life Service (ROL) gathers all those seeing to support and encourage the Wellspring Community, and in particular to allow aspirants, participants and the professed to make commitments before their Bishop.  Where possible there will be a live feed for Associates to be able to at least watch what is going on. 

To express an interest an interest in joining the Wellspring Community as one of the above, please get in touch here.