Sunday Contemplative Services



SUNdays at 6.45 PM - Spring 2019

Every Sunday we meet for our evening meeting, beginning with tea/coffee at 6.45 pm before out gathering at 7 pm, and then afterwards heading to the Peckham Pelican nearby.  Absolutely everyone is welcome to join in – and we’d love to share a drink with you before or after the service.

The services are prepared by and led by members of the community – if you get to know us better we’d love you to get involved too! All the gatherings are contemplative in style, and cycle through four liturgies as below (note: this is subject to change! get in touch ahead of time if you’re aiming for a particular one of the liturgies, or check the events page which *usually* carries details of the specific services):

1st Sunday in the Month - Contemplative Service, 6.45 pm St Luke’s Church Lady Chapel

In this reflective time, silence and meditation are structured by a simple, spacious liturgy. A participative ritual that provides an opportunity to respond prayerfully to the inner experience of God follows a short story or scriptural reflection.

2nd Sunday in the Month - Eucharist Service, 6.45 pm St Luke’s Church Lady Chapel

This creative interpretation of Holy Communion gives room for Lectio Divina, an ancient form of shared prayer and reflection of a sacred text. This service deliberately aims to use contemporary language integrated with prayer and silence for those who have busy working lives in the City. The service involves the symbolism of eating and drinking reflecting our thirst and hunger for the spiritual path and for God. Holy Communion is an ancient tradition stretching right back to Jewish table rituals.

3rd Sunday in the Month - Sung Compline Service, 6.45 pm St Luke’s Church Lady Chapel

Compline follows the ancient monastic and Anglican tradition of night prayer and is an opportunity to meditate on the peace offered by God at the close of day, as the lights of evening begin to surround us. The service centres on the prayer of Simeon, or Nunc Dimittis, and reminds us of God’s faithfulness throughout history. It lasts about 45 minutes. 

4th Sunday in the Month - Taize chant Service, 6.45 pm St Luke’s Church Lady Chapel

This service allows the singing of and listening to Taize chants to create a space for meditation and relaxation. Singing is accompanied by periods of silence and scripture readings, as well as a time for prayer. 

NB Anyone is welcome to join the community for these services.

Contact us for further information and we’ll aim to get back to you within 24 hours.