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Serum Peckham - Spirituality infused conversation


Serum Peckham/Camberwell is a gathering in a laid-back bar in Peckham which sells drinks and food where we gather and listen and explore all things spiritual for those who consider themselves 'spiritual not religious' or 'post-religious and spiritual'. It is friendly, serious and fun. We seek to explore questions about life, spirituality, spiritual experience, the divine and our desire to try to go deep and make sense of what we experience to be true and transformative about spirituality in the whole of life. Conversations are informal and open. An initial short question or thought gets things going, after which the conversation runs freely - you are free to contribute or just listen. Serum thrives on a diversity of viewpoints and experiences and is not about having the 'right answer'. The evenings tend to be rounded off with an opportunity to share insights and reflections on the question. All those who would consider themselves spiritual and not religious are welcome. We will begin with 4 gatherings exploring different questions which will be anonymously transcribed and recorded so that all can have a record of these 4 sessions. If there is enthusiasm to keep going beyond these four sessions, then this will continue on a monthly basis...  

This will be the first of four discussions groups to explore the first of four questions:
What for you is the connection between:

1st Mtg: Spirituality, Art and the World?
2nd Mtg: Spirituality, the self, others & wellbeing?
3rd Mtg: Spirituality and experiential meaning-making?
4th Mtg: Spirituality and the inner-life? We will gather for food and drinks at 7 pm and start the dialogues at 7.30pm.

We will be sitting in the stage area of Bar, so come and find us. We hope that people will be interested and enthused to attend all 4 of these discussions, dates to be arranged to ensure as many people as possible can attend. We aim to transcribe all four of these conversations maintaining anonymity, and you will receive a paper version of each conversation once it is transcribed. Material from the discussions will be with expressed permission, be used for sociological research, and for those who are interested, there will be the extra possibility of being given a camera for a week to identify spiritually important moments and places.

7pm Food, Drink & Welcome
7.30pm Theme is briefly announced
7.35pm to 9.30pm Each individual will be invited to speak up to 5 minutes for their initial thoughts. After each participant is given an opportunity to speak, members of the group can ask clarification questions about what people might mean which is not clear, which is then followed by an open conversation on the theme. The session will end on time. •Values:
Serum is purely a discussion space to explore spirituality. It aims to be a friendly, serious and fun space. We explore questions about life and all things spiritual in an informal, open and non-prescriptive way over a drink in the bar. Serum thrives on a diversity of viewpoints and experiences and is not about having the right answer. The Group is aimed at those who would consider themselves 'spiritual not religious' and therefore will seek to explore spiritual questions and areas of exploration rather than discussions about particular religions. Each discussion provides an opportunity to share insights and wisdom and reflections on the question. All are welcome. What happens after the 4 planned meetings?

It is hoped that the group will take root and will continue to grow and meet. We hope that the first 4 question areas will lead to more and more exploration.

•You mentioned Research
It is proposed that the anonymised dialogues be used for PhD sociological research that I am conducting, which is an ethnographic study seeking to listen and learn from those who would see themselves as 'Spiritual Not Religious' or 'Spiritual Seekers'. It is hoped that people will feel comfortable being part of these dialogues, and initial demographic one page questionnaires, again anonymised, and for the enthusiastic the opportunity of being given a camera to take pictures of spiritually significant places and situations after a week. Any queries contact me

• What to bring
You might want to bring a pen and paper or notepad so you can write down what people say, particularly at the beginning when we listen attentively without interruption We also encourage people might want to prepare what they want to say in advance if you are more of a reflective type.

• Important to know
We do expect the giving and receiving of respect and we need to be careful to include everyone and be also careful about interruptions. As has been said we will be seeking people's consent to record anonymised audios to transcribe discussions. The audios will be destroyed once the transcriptions have been checked for validity, and every member of the discussion group can have a copy if wanted.

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Prayer Development Day

This is a rare opportunity for those who are interested in developing their prayer life to come together with others to explore the different approaches to prayer, meditation and contemplation. The day is to be led by Julie Dunstan, Spiritual Director and who works at the London Centre for Spiritual Direction and completed legend!  

The day is totally appropriate for New Monastics wanting to go deeper with prayer, and also for all Christians wanting to get serious about prayer. 

The day will workshop different approaches for people to experience and discuss. To book tickets please follow this link

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4:30 pm16:30

Afternoon Tea to explore the basis and vision of the Wellspring Community


In the autumn of 2015, the Wellspring Community in Peckham was born with a vision of building a local community of people called to live to a daily Rhythm of Life - of prayerful/action. From these beginnings, we remain a small but committed community seeking to grow in number and hopefully set up new houses of people living together in small community to expand our activities regarding loving God, learning to love ourselves and to serve our neighbour through contemplative forms of worship, mission and community.

So if you are interested in exploring new monasticism, interested in being able to ask questions about the Wellspring Community, and explore any aspect of our life that you would like raise as part of your consideration of joining in with us, then do come to this event.

Please let us know if you have any specific dietary needs. 

To book places - please do - click here

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6:00 pm18:00

Community Commitment Service

Join us as the Wellspring Community Peckham commit for the first time to our seasonal vows before the Bishop of Southwark and the Archdeacon of Southwark.  

You are invited to join us amongst friends, family, monks, nuns, friars and other participants of New Monastic Communities.  

The Service begins at 6pm at St Lukes Church Peckham followed by a reception in St Luke's Church Hall.  For more information please send an email by the contact link. 

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to 4 Apr

Exploring a Lent Spirituality

For this year, we will be running our own Lent Course to complete the whole of the 'Turn to Christ' course, part of the Pilgrimage Course.  This will begin with the traditional Ash Wednesday Service and introduction to the course from 7pm on Weds 1st March in the Church. We will be selling copies of the booklet we will be using for around £4.50, which will be on sale at the Ashing Service. The course will begin with the reflection in the course by Bp Stephen Cottrell which Fr Ian will share as the address in the Ashing Service.

Lent is traditionally a time for spiritual reflection, and re-exploring an aspect of faith reflecting the 40 days that Jesus went into the desert before pursuing his ministry as the Messiah.

So this year we are asking the various communities of St Luke’s Church to travel and learn together in preparation over these 6 weeks with the following themes:

1 1st March 7pm Ash Wednesday Service & Introduction to the course, Theme: Do you turn to Christ?
2 8th March 7pm: Theme: Do you believe and trust in God the Father the Creator?
3 14th March 7pm: Theme: Do you believe in God’s Son Jesus Christ the Redeemer?
4 21st March 7pm: Theme: Do you believe in the Holy Spirit, the giver and sustainer of all life?
5 28th March 7pm: Theme: Do you repent of your sins?
6 4th April 7pm: Theme: Do you renounce evil?

All these events will occur in the Lady Chapel of St Luke’s Church main church building. For a copy of the course leaflet StLukesLentCourse2017.

For more information on the Pilgrimage Course, see the youtube video

If you would like to reserve a copy of the wookbook, please click here to email the Church Office.

If you would like to speak Fr Ian who will be leading the course, please email Ian here.

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