Welcome to three new members!

On Sunday 30th July 2017, in the Evening Service at St Luke’s Church in Peckham, three new members joined our New Monastic Community. So we want to say a very big welcome to Jaime Creeth, Barton Creeth and Megan Barford who all committed to the seasonal vows.  This is very exciting and expands the numbers involved in the Community as:


Elsa Marshall
John Henry
Mark Gascoigne
Leigh Engham

Professed who have committed to the Seasonal Vows:

Jaime Creeth (Cellarer)
Barton Creeth (Cantor)
Megan Barford
Sam Rowland (Refectarian)
Catherine Jackson
Simon Bubb (Sub-Prior)
Yemi Ojumu
Simon Allatt (Sacristan)
Fola Ekundayo (Mission)
Ian Mobsby (Prior)
Catherine Rowland (Social Media)
William Clark (Ast-Sacritan)
Cecilia Dada
Anike Alfred-Jonah
Pauline Hancock

To find out more about the community and spaces of belonging, please click here.