Finding stillness in 2019

Are you looking for a place to find stillness and reflection during your week? 

Or on Sundays?

During the Week

The Wellspring Community Peckham gathers for corporate, contemplative prayer in the side chapel at St Luke’s Church at various times throughout the week. You can join us for morning prayer at 7.30 am on Mondays and Wednesdays, or evening prayer at 7.30 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

These are short, meditative services of prayer that involve scripture reading and a period of silent meditation. It has its roots in the monastic office and retains some of the richest prayer traditions of the Church.


Every Sunday we meet for our evening service, beginning with tea/coffee at 6.45 pm before the service at 7pm, and then afterwards heading to the Peckham Pelican Bar.  Absolutely everyone is welcome to join in – and we’d love to share a drink with you before or a further chance for socialise afterwards. 

The services are prepared by and led by members of the community – if you get to know us better we’d love you to get involved too! All the services are contemplative in style, and cycle through 4 liturgies as below (note: this is subject to change! Get in touch ahead of time if you’re aiming for a particular one of the liturgies).

  • 1st Sunday in the month - Contemplative Service

  • 2nd Sunday in the month - Contemplative Eucharist

  • 3rd Sunday in the month - Sung Compline Service

  • 4th Sunday in the month - Taize Chant Service

 Matthew Hall, a member of the Wellspring who is also a hectic news media professional, comments:

“For me, the Sunday evenings, and other daily meetings, are simple a time to stop, be still, and forget the horrors of outside world. Through the companionship of the community, and silences, I have a chance to puncture the manic nature of London Life. Its a great blessing to be able to come to St Luke’s, to just be using the unique atmosphere. It helps me to realise the reality of my existence, and that is to focus on the Divine nature of the world, and not the hellish behaviours of humanity.”

“Although I travel a distance, the Wellspring Community is a place to belong and find a positive, affirming community. The Wellspringers build me up and help me carry on and face life in London, I’d recommend it to anyone.”

If you would like to know more about each of these services, stay tuned as we will explore each one across four upcoming blog posts.

May you have a peaceful and fruitful 2019, despite what our national political turmoil throws at us.

From all at the Wellspring Community Peckham