Community Meeting 2nd April 17 Actions

1. Vows Service
Will be a Eucharist but will be made to have contemplative elements
We still have a lot to do regarding invitations and sorting reception
Action: Ian M to draft proposed liturgy for review

2. Retreats
Proposal for 1 in Hillfield in December, and 1 in Spain Summer 2018.
Action: Ian M to organise 

3. Creating a Whatsapp Group
It is clear that people seem happier to use Whatsapp than Facebook Messenger
Action: To swap over from Facebook Messenger to Whatsapp after Easter, Ian to create group.

4. Participants Rota & Plan
People aren't adding availability to plans for Tuesdays and SUndays - now really needed! 
Action: All community participants are asked to add availability and to let Ian know if have a problem accessing google doc.