A Rhythm of Life is the heart beat of a way of life not only for an individual but also a community.  Drawing in the desert mothers and fathers who began Christian Monasticism, the focus is contemplative-action with a structured approach to living life to the full.  These can be understood in this way



The essence of a Rhythm of Life (ROL) centres on prayerful action as forms of spiritual practices, active spirituality, being in a relational community and the importance of service to others and the planet.

As a Community we are committed to four specific areas around our spiritual practices.  We call these our seasonal vows, which we commit to year on year, seeking to go deeper with living this way, as we grow as individuals and as a community. 

Our seasonal vows

We seek to the follow the radical way of Jesus through:

1. Prayer & Devotion

 The practice of prayer  (in listening and in stillness; in silence and aloud; individually and in community; daily and within a weekly rhythm).

The practice of devotion (in meditation; in contemplation; in leading and participating in communal worship; and in the giving of time and resources).

2. Learning & Reconciliation

The practice of learning (in dialogue; in biblical and personal reflection; in reading and study; in spiritual direction and retreats; and in the understanding of prayer practices).

The practice of reconciliation (by listening to God and to others; by continually choosing to forgive; by sharing hope and love; and through humility and peace-making).

3. Service & Hospitality

The practice of serving others (by responding in compassionate action to the social, spiritual and ecological needs of our neighbours, the voiceless, the poor and the excluded).

The practice of hospitality (by welcoming the stranger, the isolated and the lonely; through preparing and sharing food; by celebrating and lamenting together; and by being the guest of others).

4. Work & Wellbeing  

The practice of following Christ in our work (by seeking to serve God through our work, and by integrating the values of our faith in our places of work).

The practice of maintaining our wellbeing (by receiving the love of God; by balancing work, rest and play; by pursuing activities that give life; by seeking the good, the true and the beautiful in all we do).