Revelation of God


“Our God is gracious and compassionate, abounding in love and slow to anger”

Psalm 145

God is ever present, sustaining the whole of creation, all things, created and uncreated. Even when all things are stripped away God is with us. God is the foundation of all things, from whom we receive light and wisdom. God is faithful to us, present even in the darkness and at the darkest of times. In Christ we see the fullness of God and all things are gathered up in Christ who is All in All.

We acknowledge that our faith in God develops over time, over the whole course of our lives. Simplistic models of God give way to ever deeper visions of God, emerging out of our lives and our interaction with one another and the whole of creation.

Faith does not grasp after certainty - we can all be disillusioned with certainty, disillusioned with too many words and ideas. God is not the object of our study or knowledge but the gift-giver, the source and author of all. To grow in faith, in study, in our learning, is not just about knowledge but wisdom and experience, as well as an opening up of oneself to the wisdom of the past, those Mothers and Fathers of the Church who have gone before us in the Way of Christ.