Get involved 

differing spaces of belonging

The spiritual journey as received within the Christian Faith has lots of different stages which are all integral to the same spiritual path, we therefore offer four different ways for being involved.  If you are interested in exploring these various ways of being involved with the Wellspring Community, please click on the hyperlink in each section. 

1. Associates – those who live at a distance from the community, who support the community in prayer and financial support, and attend events when able.

2. Aspirants – those who are spiritually journeying with the community who aspire to live to some of the charisms of the community but are not yet ready to commit to being a follower of Jesus Christ.

3. Participants – those who are able to commit to being a follower of Jesus Christ but not ready yet to commit to the seasonal vows because of pressures of work or other issues that prevent regular weekly participation in the worship, mission and community life of the community.

4. Professed  those who have made a commitment to the seasonal vows and participate in the regular weekly rhythm of prayer, community and service.