Men’s Spirituality Group


Monthly fire circle 

St Luke's hosts a men's group which is affiliated to The Male Journey UK, a charity offering rites of passage and other experiences for men, inspired by the teachings of Richard Rohr.

"The group is open to all men, regardless of age, race, religion or sexuality, or previous experience of men's work. We use fire, silence, meditation, myth, and good listening to offer a space away from life's busyness. We create a safe environment to share honestly and vulnerably with one another and we encourage each other to explore and discover the true purpose of our lives.

NB - we are not professional therapists, we are simply here to create a space in which men can listen and be heard in as safe a way as possible. If you need help, we would advise you to seek out appropriate professionals."

7.30pm on the third Monday of each month in Peckham.

Contact for details